Fisherman bitten by shark – 3 August 2017 – Cape Cod, Massachusetts, US

A 34-year-old man was bitten on the right foot by a 4-foot (some reports say 6 foot) brown shark after he had reeled it in.

shark bites fisherman at Menauhunt beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, US
Menauhant Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, US

Some reports say the man was about to take a photo with his catch when the shark bit him on the foot. Other reports say it bit him when he was attempting to remove the hook from its mouth.

The man, whose name not reported, was fishing on Menauhant Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts around 11.30pm when the incident happened.

He suffered minor injuries and was taken to Falmouth Hospital for treatment.

The shark was reportedly released back into the ocean.



2 girls in raft bitten by shark – 29 July 2017 – DeBordieu Beach, South Carolina, US

In a rather unusual incident, two 12-year-old girls were bitten by a 2-3 foot shark which jumped onto their raft and thrashed about.

shark bite DeBordieu Beach, South Carolina
DeBordieu, South Carolina

The two children, whose names were not released, were paddling their raft off Pioneer Loop in DeBordieu, South Carolina, US when the incident happened on Saturday, 29 July 2017.

One girl was bitten on her thigh and was taken to Georgetown Memorial Hospital where she was reported in stable condition. The other girl was not hospitalised.

No other details were reported.


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Paddle boarder knocked off board, bitten by shark – 25 July 2017 – Ascension Island, Atlantic Ocean

Kawika Matsu, 37, from Hawaii, was paddle boarding about 90 metres from shore in English Bay on Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean when what he says was a 12-14 foot great white shark knocked him off his board and bit him several times. He suffered severe injuries to his right shoulder, torso and leg.

English Bay, Ascension Island
English Bay, Ascension Island

Bleeding profusely, he managed to get back on the board and wait to be rescued. The island rescue service brought him ashore and he was taken to the local hospital.

His mother was quoted as saying: “As he was trying to get back on the board, that’s when [the shark] came back and got him on the right buttocks and chomped a big portion off and again, a little bit of the thigh.”

He spent several days in the island hospital, before being flown to Florida, United States for further treatment.

His mother said members of the tiny island community donated blood to save Kawika, but, because of the its remote location, it took three days to fly him to a mainland hospital.

His older brother was quoted as saying: “My brother was a strong swimmer. We grew up in Hawaii and are watermen – second generation surfers and very comfortable in the water. He was well aware of the amount of sharks there.”

Daniel Schempp, commander of the US Air Force unit on Ascension was quoted as saying: “He sustained critical bite wounds to his torso and is lucky to be alive, only kept so by the heroics of the small US and UK medical teams on the island, and because of the donated blood supplies of volunteers.”

  • A GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay his medical bills.




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Shark bites kayaker’s ski – FRIGHTENED – 11 July 2017 – Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, US

Steve Lawson points out where the Great White shark bit his ski off Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, California
Steve Lawson points out where the Great White shark bit his ski off Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, California

Steve Lawson was kayaking outside the kelp beds at the Steamer Lane surf spot in Santa Cruz when a great white bit the front of his ski and knocked him into the water.

The incident happened just before 11am on Tuesday 11 July 2017.

He told the press he used his marine radio to call for a rescue from the Harbor Patrol, but he had to tread water for a few minutes.

“It felt like I hit a rock. I looked in front of me and there was a shark biting the front of my boat. When it let go it knocked me sideways and I fell out.

“I spent a little time in the water swimming around. I panicked, everyone panics. There’s a shark in the water, but he didn’t come back. He wasn’t interested in me,” he told NBC Bay Area.

According to some reports he had tried to get back into his kayak but couldn’t.

The Harbour Patrol showed up and pulled him out of the water.

The bottom of the kayak showed shallow cracks and damage from the shark’s bite.

“Attacks like these are extremely rare in Santa Cruz County, and we are so thankful that the kayaker was uninjured,” Santa Cruz Fire Chief Jim Frawley was quoted as saying.



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Shark Bite – INJURED – 9 July 2017 – Haulover Beach, Florida, US – swimmer bitten

Freeze frame from Fox News report, shows shark bite victim on Haulover Beach, Florida with bandages on both legs.
Freeze frame from Fox News report, shows shark bite victim on Haulover Beach, Florida with bandages on both legs.

An unidentified man suffered minor lacerations to both his legs when he was bitten by 4-5 foot bull shark while swimming at nude-bathing Haulover Beach, Florida, US.

The incident happened on Sunday 9 July 2017, after the shark was spotted and a lifeguard alerted swimmers to get out the water. The swimmer was bitten while exiting the water.

He made it to shore on his own and was treated by paramedics before being taken to Aventura Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

“We went ahead and controlled the bleeding with pressure bandages. It was able to be controlled that way. We packaged him ready for transport by fire rescue,” Lt. Grace Mangas with Miami-Dade Fire Ocean Rescue, was quoted as saying.

According to officials, this is the first reported shark attack at Haulover Beach.