Spearfisherman’s leg mauled by great white – 24 November 2017 – Stillwater Cove, Carmel, California, US

Grigor Azatian
Grigor Azatian

Grigor Azatian, 25, was spearfishing with his father in Carmel Bay, California, when he was attacked by a great white while coming to the surface

Grigor recounts the attack: They were diving in an area near Stillwater Cove, Pebble Beach, Carmel. His dad, Armen had no luck, but Grigor speared two nice-sized lingcod and a cabezon, then directed his dad to his fishing spot.

While his dad went off in search of prey, he took photos with an underwater camera, then dove in again with his spear. It was then he saw the great white – and the shark saw him and appeared to swim away.

He surfaced to warn his father of the shark, and while he scanned the water waiting for his dad to surface, the shark returned from behind and attacked.

The shake bit into his thigh and lower leg.

“The shark grabbed him and didn’t let him go, and took at least two bites,” said his father.

“It was horrifying; his muscles were torn apart.

He’s quoted as saying: “I didn’t have that luxury to panic, to scream and be emotional,” he said. “I had to concentrate and do everything possible to help my son.”

“He tried to fight with the shark. I don’t think he could do much, maybe pushing, moving his legs.”  He punched the shark’s face and kicked. He managed to free himself, screaming, then swam about 20 yards to the dinghy. His father surfaced about 30 yards away and reached the boat shortly after.

Lying with his mangled leg in the boat, Grigor asked that his constricting wetsuit be cut open.

“He was very calm,” he father said. He wrapped a tourniquet around his son’s leg.

“I was just trying to keep calm to help him somehow.”

The motored the dingy to the pier at Pebble Beach and shouted to a fisherman to call 911. He was taken to Natividad Medical Center in Salinas. He underwent a 2-hour surgery and then a follow up surgery two days later which was successful.


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14-year-old surfer bitten on foot by spinner shark – 18 November 2017 — Floridana Beach, Florida, US

Kaia Anderson, surfing.
Kaia Anderson, surfing. Photo: Florida Today / Ted Wittemann

Kaia Anderson, 14, was bitten on the foot by a spinner shark while surfing with friends at Floridana Beach, Florida, United States.

The incident occurred an hour or two before sunset on 18 November 2017.

“I felt a tug on my leg,” she said and shouted to her friends that she been bitten. They turned and caught a wave to the beach.

Kaia Anderson recovers from shark bite to her foot.
Kaia Anderson recovers from shark bite to her foot.

A witness said when she got to shore she couldn’t stand up. A nearby fisherman carried her to a the beach access. A friend of Kaia who had been watching the surf, wrapped his shirt around her ankle. They called an ambulance and she was taken to Sebastian River Medical Center.

She needed 100 stitches to mend the shark bite wound, including 3 tendons that were damaged.

Kaia’s father said the shark was likely swimming toward food, but clamped onto Kaia’s heel instead. He said after the shark bit Kaia it immediately let go.


Woman suffers serious wounds to arm in shark attack – 23 October 2017 – Ocean Reef Park, Singer Island, Florida

Ocean Reef Park, Singer Island where Susan Peteka was attacked by a shark
Ocean Reef Park, Singer Island
Susan Peteka shows her bandaged arm following treatment of her shark attack wounds
Susan Peteka shows her bandaged arm following treatment of her shark attack wounds

Susan Peteka, 60, suffered serious wounds to her left arm hand when she was bitten by a shark while taking her regular morning swim off Ocean Reef Park on Singer Island, Palm Beach County, Florida.


The shark species was not recorded.

“I was swimming my last couple of strokes, about to get out. And all of a sudden, I remember lifting my arm and the next thing you know, wham!,” she said.

“I just looked down, I saw two fingers droop immediately. I started seeing blood coming out of my radial artery.”

“I just said ‘Swim for your life! Swim for your life! Swim for your life!’ And I just did that,” she said. “I kicked myself in, just kicking.”

Peteka’s was the first of two shark attacks on 23 October 2017 off Palm Beach County, Florida. The second shark attack was on teenage surfer Jason Hartl.

“I knew I had to get to shore quick or I would have been dead,” she told the press. “You have superhuman strength that you don’t know you had until something like that happens to you. It’s a primal thing. You just do it.”

Peteka managed to get to shore where she bled profusely and became light-headed.

“I just started screaming, ‘Help me, I’m going to die,'” Peteka said.

A nearby resident heard her cries, called 911 and wrapped a towel above the wound.

She was transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center.

An orthopedic hand surgeon at the hospital, Dr. Thomas Saylor, said her hand was “shredded”, adding that it appeared the shark shook her wrist from side to side.

“Her bite wounds are pretty traumatic,” Saylor said. “It’s a devastating injury.”

Her injuries to her left hand and wrist included 20 torn tendons and

ligaments, a severed artery, two fractured bones and nerve damage.

Doctors found a piece of shark tooth wedged in her wrist bone.

“It’s going to keep me out of the water,” Peteka said. “I love swimming with a passion. But now, I can’t look at it. I can’t think about it. I don’t know that I can ever go back again.”






Surfer gets 50 stitches to foot after shark attack – 23 October 2017 — Juno Beach Pier, Florida, US

Jason Hartl show the shark bite to his left foot he got while surfing at Juno Pier
Jason Hartl shows the shark bite to his left foot he got while surfing at Juno Pier

Jason Hartl, 17, was surfing on the south side of the Juno Beach Pier when he was bitten on the left foot, by a shark – believed to be a black tip shark. He needed more than 50 stitches to mend the bite.

He was about 200 metres from shore when the incident happened on 23 October 2017.

The shark bit his foot and pulled him off his surfboard into the water.

“I was like paddling out and then I was just about to where I wanted to be to like catch a wave and then all of a sudden a shark came up and bit my foot,” he told the media.

He managed to get back on his board and paddle to shore.

“I felt like my whole foot was dangling,” said Hartl. “I started paddling. I didn’t want to look at it and get all panicked.”

Once on shore he collapsed after telling a boy he had been bitten by a shark. A lifeguard covered the wound until paramedics arrived and transported him to Jupiter Medical Center where his wound was stitched up.

Although he only saw the shark’s tail, he thought it could have been a black tip shark, about 3 to 4 feet long.

“I was lucky but not everyone could be as lucky as me and they could potentially lose their foot.”

He told media: “What I wish I would’ve done differently is stayed away from the pier just because I definitely think that enhanced my chances of getting bit because sharks are attracted to the bait in the water.” He said that when he was bitten about 15 people were fishing from the Juno Beach Pier, and he was 25-50 feet south of the pier when he was bitten.


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Lifeguard bitten on foot by shark – 18 October 2017 – Lantana Beach, Florida, US

shark bite at Lantana Beach, Florida
Carlos Iribam shows the shark bite to his right foot

Carlos Iribam, a part-time lifeguard for beaches in Lantana and Boynton beaches, suffered minor lacerations when he was bitten on the right foot by a 4-5 foot spinner shark, 20 feet from the shore at Lantana Municipal Beach, Florida, US.

The incident happened on 18 October 2017.

“I was out there swimming and then I got stung by a jellyfish, I was like ‘Ahhh, I think I should go back in,'” he said. “Next thing you know, I felt a crushing pain on my foot.”

He came to shore himself and received assistance from his fellow lifeguards.

“I like to stay calm in these situations. I didn’t want anybody on the beach to freak out,” he said.

“If you don’t mess with them, they won’t mess with you. I felt like when he bit me, he nipped me and pulled. It just felt like a crushing pain and he just let go because he knew it wasn’t a mullet,” he said.

On 24 September 2017 a surfer was bitten at Lake Worth Beach a few miles up the coast.