Shark Bite – INJURED – 9 July 2017 – Haulover Beach, Florida, US – swimmer bitten

Freeze frame from Fox News report, shows shark bite victim on Haulover Beach, Florida with bandages on both legs.
Freeze frame from Fox News report, shows shark bite victim on Haulover Beach, Florida with bandages on both legs.

An unidentified man suffered minor lacerations to both his legs when he was bitten by 4-5 foot bull shark while swimming at nude-bathing Haulover Beach, Florida, US.

The incident happened on Sunday 9 July 2017, after the shark was spotted and a lifeguard alerted swimmers to get out the water. The swimmer was bitten while exiting the water.

He made it to shore on his own and was treated by paramedics before being taken to Aventura Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

“We went ahead and controlled the bleeding with pressure bandages. It was able to be controlled that way. We packaged him ready for transport by fire rescue,” Lt. Grace Mangas with Miami-Dade Fire Ocean Rescue, was quoted as saying.

According to officials, this is the first reported shark attack at Haulover Beach.



FATAL – 29 April 2017 – Pointe au Sel, Reunion – bodyboarder attacked

Adrien Dubosc, reunion, shark attack
Adrien Dubosc, 28

Adrien Dubosc, 28, was bitten in the right thigh and groin area by a shark (species not identified – though it was likely a bull shark or tiger shark) while body boarding with two friends at Pointe au Sel, on Reunion island in the Indian Ocean. The attack happened on Saturday morning 29 April 2017.

Pointe au Sel is a short distance south of the well-known St Leu surf spot.

The attack came two months after one of his best friends, Alexandre Naussac, 26, was killed by a shark at a nearby beach.

Dubosc was a shark enthusiast and member of Shark Watch Patrol, whose job it is to keep an eye out for sharks while people surf and swim. The Shark Watch Patrol was set up as the number of shark attacks on Reunion has increased dramatically with 21 attacks, nine of them fatal, in the past six years.



“The young man was in the water with two friends, when a shark attacked him, biting his right thigh, and his groin area.

“The victim was pulled out of the water, and emergency workers arrived very quickly. Despite cardiac massage, he died within half an hour of the attack,” police were quoted as saying.



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INJURED – 11 August 2011 – Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina, US – swimmer attacked

Donnie White, 54, was bitten on the lower right let by what is thought to be an 8-foot bull shark after jumping overboard a fishing boat to “cool off” during a fishing trip. The incident happened about 7-10 miles offshore of Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina, US at around 2.20pm Thursday 11 August 2011.

Don White was bitten on the right leg by a shark while swimming near his fishing boat.

According to the report he had finished swimming around and was heading back to the ladder on the boat when the shark bit his leg. There was report on the severity of the ite wound.

He was taken ashore and transported to Carteret General Hospital by paramedics where he underwent surgery and was sent home a few days later to recover.

No other details were reported.

UPDATE – 15 August 2011

Don White describes the attack that took place as he swam near his fishing boat.

“All of a sudden I felt severe pressure like a strike on my right foot.”

His son pulled him back in the boat as water around him turned red with his blood. There were several sharks swimming around the boat “lots of activity”, the son was quoted a saying.

White needed 120 stitches to close his wounds.



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INJURED – 7 July 2011 – Sunday Beach, near Port O’Conner, Texas, US – swimmer attacked

Nicholas Vossler, 12, was bitten on the left foot by what is believed to be a bull shark. The incident happened around 5pm on Thursday 7 July 2011 at Sunday Beach, a remote beach about 3.5 hours from Galveston, Texas, US.

A family friend reportedly fought off the shark and brought Nicholas to shore.

“My friend was right there with him, and he grabbed him — as the shark was trying to pull him,” the boy’s father was quoted as saying.

“I had to put the skin back across his foot and take my shirt off, and get it wrapped because the arteries were bleeding out,” he said.

Nicholas was taken by boat to a waiting helicopter, which transported him to a hospital, where he underwent surgery to reattach his foot.




INJURED – 21 June 2011 – Orange Beach, Alabama, US – Jet skier bitten

Tyler McConnell shark attack
A witness shows where Tyler McConnell was bitten by a shark

Tyler McConnell, 20, was bitten on the foot by a by what is believed to be a bull shark after he fell off his jet ski after he hit something while jet skiing off Orange Beach, Alabama, in the Gulf of Mexico, US. The incident happened about 500 metres offshore off the coast of Perdido Beach near the Alabama-Florida line.

Initial reports said he was bitten by a barracuda, but hospital officials confirmed it was a shark bite.

After the attack McConnell managed to swim back to the jet ski and get back to shore where he was treated on the beach before being airlifted to hospital.

A witness was reported as saying the shark tore all his tendons in his ankle – “you could see his Achilles, see the bone”.

McConnell’s sister, who also witnessed the attack, was quoted as saying:

“Basically, he hit something, whether it was a wave or the shark itself, it knocked him off, and it happened immediately.

“He was bleeding profusely. I rushed over to him, and my mom rushed over to him. He was swimming toward the Jet-ski with his arms and miraculously hopped back on while his foot was severed.

“The sight of blood was ridiculous, but he managed to drive himself back to the beach. The next thing I know, we’re on the beach and he’s lying down under an umbrella.

“An ex-military person was there and applied pressure to the major artery in his leg, and elevated his foot. We put a shirt around the wound. I put my swimsuit cover around it. That’s how we kept him from bleeding out.”

He was airlifted to Pensacola Hospital, where he underwent 3 hours of surgery. He was expected to make a full recovery.





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