Shark bites kayaker’s ski – FRIGHTENED – 11 July 2017 – Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, US

Steve Lawson points out where the Great White shark bit his ski off Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, California
Steve Lawson points out where the Great White shark bit his ski off Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, California

Steve Lawson was kayaking outside the kelp beds at the Steamer Lane surf spot in Santa Cruz when a great white bit the front of his ski and knocked him into the water.

The incident happened just before 11am on Tuesday 11 July 2017.

He told the press he used his marine radio to call for a rescue from the Harbor Patrol, but he had to tread water for a few minutes.

“It felt like I hit a rock. I looked in front of me and there was a shark biting the front of my boat. When it let go it knocked me sideways and I fell out.

“I spent a little time in the water swimming around. I panicked, everyone panics. There’s a shark in the water, but he didn’t come back. He wasn’t interested in me,” he told NBC Bay Area.

According to some reports he had tried to get back into his kayak but couldn’t.

The Harbour Patrol showed up and pulled him out of the water.

The bottom of the kayak showed shallow cracks and damage from the shark’s bite.

“Attacks like these are extremely rare in Santa Cruz County, and we are so thankful that the kayaker was uninjured,” Santa Cruz Fire Chief Jim Frawley was quoted as saying.



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SCARED — Saturday, March 18, 2017 – Monterey Bay, California, USA – kayaker attacked

watch video of kayaker knocked out of kayak by great white, scared, but unharmed.

shark bite marks in Brian Correiar’s kayak

Brian Correiar was kayaking 100 metres offshore in Monterey Bay, California on Saturday 18 March 2017 when a great white shark attacked the 14-foot, single-person ocean kayak he was paddling.

“It all started with a bang,” Correiar told National Geographic. “Suddenly the kayak was launched into the air and I fell halfway out of it. I began yelling. I remember thinking, ‘I have to do a deep-water entry from the kayak, and I haven’t practiced that since my last rescue class.’”

VIDEO: watch video of incident here.

Just 3 feet away he could see the shark which had latched on to his kayak. He says initially he froze, but then slid out the kayak and started to swom to short on his back so he could keep an eye on the shark.

The shark surged towards him with the kayak still in its mouth.

“At this point I was really nervous, I was sure I was done,” he said.

He saw a small yacht approaching and waved to it. At this point the shark dived below him

“It was like a horror movie,” Correiar told National Geographic. “The shark came toward me, dropped the kayak, then dove straight down below me where I couldn’t see it.”

The skipper of the yacht came alongside Correiar and managed to pull him aboard, unharmed.


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FRIGHTENED – 20 June 2012 — Mullaloo Beach north of Perth, Western Australia – surf skier attacked

Martin Kane, 62, examines his surf ski that was bitten in half by a 3-metre great white shark, flinging him into the water.

Martin Kane, 62, escaped injury, but was badly shaken when a 3-metre great white shark attacked his surf ski, biting it in half. The incident happened around  7.15am on Wednesday 20 June 2012.

He was paddling with a group of 4 other surf lifesavers about 150 metres off Mullaloo Beach north of Perth, Western Australia.

He was flung into the water but was rescued by a friend who was in the group of paddlers.

He said it felt like being rammed by a jet ski and made a loud exploding noise.

“I seriously thought it was a row of dolphins smashing into the ski.

“What really confused me was the extent of the noise and the crunching sound, it really surprised me, I really didn’t know what it was until I saw the fin and realised it was a shark.

“Because it is a sealed unit, when the shark bit it, it went off like an explosion.

“Soon as I saw his tail and thrashing around with the ski coming right out of the water, I said it’s time to get out of here so in defiance I threw my paddle at him and started to swim away.”

He told reporters he suspected stringers that run down the length of the ski and control the rudders saved his life.

“I suspect that its teeth were caught up in that and it was too bothered trying to get rid of the ski to chase me, so I’m very, very happy that was the case.

“I’m just very lucky to be here, very lucky to be able to see my grandkids again.”

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INJURED – 5 July 2011 – Liberty township, San Onofre, Gulf of Morrosquillo, Colombia – kayaker attacked

Tulio Andrés Amaya Vidal, 17, suffered a severe wound to his right arm and a minor wound to his left hand after being attacked by a shark while kayaking off the beach at Liberty township, San Onofre, Gulf of Morrosquillo, Colombia.

The shark latched onto his right forearm and “in a fierce struggle with the shark” he tried to use his left hand to get the shark to let go of his arm, in the process injuring his left hand. He managed to get back to the beach where relatives took him to a hospital in nearby Sincelejo.

He reportedly lost mobility of his arm and underwent surgery at Clínica Las Peñitas de Sincelejo.

No other details were reported.