FATAL – 10 October 2011 – Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia – swimmer disappears

It is believed a shark took swimmer Bryn Martin, 64, while he was swimming off Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia on Monday morning 10 October 2011. He disappeared while taking his regular early morning swim. His body has not been recovered.

His bathing costume was recovered with bite marks consistent with a 3-metre great white shark, according to press reports.

At the time of this blog post police were searching for his body and had classified it as a recovery operation, rather than a rescue operation.

Martin was last seen by a friend swimming out past the pylon in front of the Indiana Tea Rooms at about 8am on Monday morning.  He was a couple of hundred metres offshore when he disappeared.

Further details are awaited.


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12 thoughts on “FATAL – 10 October 2011 – Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia – swimmer disappears”

  1. This is crazy! What’s going on these days with shark attacks? It appears that we’re no longer dealing with test bites, or cases of mistaken identity, in which the shark releases its grip; I’m seeing a disturbing trend emerging in which people are actually eaten by the shark. I believe that there was another case in Australia this year involving predation, and last year in Fish Hoek a swimmer was devoured in chest deep water in front of onlookers.

    1. Strange that we’ve had 3fatal shark attacks in the Cape in South Africa in the last 2months and it hasn’t been reported… Update and search. Another attack occured this week yet no mention of it. Dyer island, False Bay and Mossel Bay were where it happened…

      1. Hi Romano
        Can you send me the source (web links or other) of your info for the Dyer island and Mossel Bay attacks – i presume the False Bay one you refer to is the attack that took place at Fish Hoek? Thanks.

  2. Do you not agree that outcomes of attacks have always been random? and always will be in the future depending on location of first bite on a person for example? I agree that certain groups of sharks learn (evolve) to hunt and feed in a certain way, depending on their environment, for example the big guys that breach in SA…but mortality rates would more likely correlate to where the first bite actually is on the victim?
    However I am intrigued by the thought that “trends” are emerging…

    1. A trend is probably not an apt choice of words, but it does appear as if several attacks involving Great White Sharks the lat two years involve predation. It could be a fluke, although some experts in South Africa are blaming shark tour/diving operators who lure White Sharks by chumming the water in order to attract sharks – is there a possibility that sharks in certain locations are now associating humans with food because of this practice?

      1. Media chaos… Black December ring a bell? Attacks are actually less than they were before but our media has definately started a trend and influences us greatly. Btw wasn’t there another fatal attack a couple of years ago at Cottesloe Beach? A friend of mine caught a 300kg bullshark in knysna which is weird as they weren’t thought to live so far south… Any thoughts?

        1. Researchers found a massive bull shark far up the Breede river (below the pont but in fresh water) – further south than Knysna a couple of years ago. Capture and release effort with pics to prove. I used to swim in that river as a kid and was aware of the deadly snakes you’d occasionally find swimming across it – but was clearly oblivious to what was swimming below me!

  3. Sharks are and will always be wild animals. When oppertunity comes along, we’ll always come second. Our fascination with them grips us to the extent of us becoming frenzied about them, not them with us.
    Fish-stocks are rapidly falling and this is why juveniles are moving closer to land. Question is why are the adult great whites such as the 5.5m one that killed the english tourist 2weeks ago in the Cape? Having said that, nature remains wild and untamed and we’ll never fully understand it.

  4. I was in daytona 10 years ago and I remember the shark attack that took place on the beck the helicopters were sent up and they found a cluster off sharks in a frenzie was something to do with a hormonal thing or something well that’s wat the tv reports said x

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