INJURED – 23 April 2011 — Red Bluff, Western Australia – fisherman bitten

A boy, 17, (name not published) was bitten on the left heel by a one-metre reef shark after attracting it towards him by dangling a dead fish in the shallow waters where he was standing. Apparently a wave knocked the boy over and then the shark nipped him on the foot.

The incident happened on Saturday 23 April 2011, while the boy was cleaning fish he caught at Red Bluff, 140 kilometres north of Carnarvon in Western Australia.

He was taken to a local hospital and then flown to a hospital in Perth for surgery.

Witness said the nip would teach the boy a lesson for doing silly things like trying to feed the sharks!

  • Talking about silly – the same report on ABC mentions briefly that another man was bitten on the finger by a reef shark on 24 April 2011 when he put his hand into its mouth to pose for a photo.

No other details were reported.



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