INJURED — 28 August 2007 — Marina State Beach, Monterey Bay, California, USA — surfer attacked

Todd Endris, 24, was attacked by a shark while surfing at Marina State Beach, Monterey Bay, California, USA. He suffered bite wounds to his torso and right thigh. The incident took place around 10.30am on Tuesday, 28 August 2007.

He was surfing with around six others surfers at a local beach break when the attack happened.
One of the surfers in the water at the time, Joe Jansen, told the Mercury News he first heard a scream and immediately saw a pod of dolphins swim by and a huge splash. Then he saw the Great White shark on top of Endris, pulling him under water.

Endris resurfaced seconds later, blood “gushing” from gashes in his back. Jansen then pulled the 24-year-old San Jose native back onto Endris’ surfboard and towed him toward the shore.
“He must have been in shock because he said he didn’t feel any pain,” Jansen told the newspaper. “He was talking to us, answering questions.”
Other reports describe Todd punching the shark to make it release its grip. Some witness reports say the shark pulled him underwater, let him go and then bit him again when he resurfaced.
Witness reports about size of the shark vary. They all say it was a Great White, but some say it was 20 foot, some say 15 foot and Marine biologist Robert Lea says it was probably between 12 and 13 foot – nonetheless a large shark.
Reports say surfers pulled him to shore and administered first aid with the surfboard leash as tourniquet and towels to stem the bleeding until an ambulance arrived.

One witness reports Endris riding a wave back to the beach with “the white water behind him all red”.

Endris was taken by ambulance to the Marina Municipal Airport and was airlifted to Valley Medical Center in San Jose, where he underwent surgery and was reported in a stable condition.

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