Surfer Recounts Fatal Shark Attack in Florida

Tim Dicus was surfing when he heard the scream. He turned and saw a girl swimming as fast as she could _ and another one face down in a bloody circle of water. Dicus, 54, paddled over to the wounded 14-year-old girl, who had been swimming on a boogie board about 100 yards offshore.

“Right next to her was the shark, about to come up and attack her again,” Dicus said. He put the girl on his surf board and the shark _ which appeared to be a bull shark about 8 feet long _ went after her hand.

Surfer Recounts Fatal Shark Attack in Florida

FATAL – 25 June 2005, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, US – boogie boarder attacked

A 14-year-old girl, Jamie Marie Daigle, was fatally attacked by a shark while boogie boarding with a friend about 200 metres offshore of a Florida beach in the Gulf of Mexico, on Saturday, 25 June. A nearby surfer who witnessed the attacked and brought the girl to shore told media he thought it was an eight-foot Bull shark.

He said most of her thigh had been bitten off revealing the bone.

The girl who was on holiday from Louisiana.

CNN said: “The attack happened at about 11:15 a.m. in front of a campground near
the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in the Florida Panhandle between Pensacola
and Panama City, eight miles east of Destin, United States.”

This is the first shark attack in the area, according authorities.

The surfer and two men took the girl to shore. She was transported to the Sacred Heart hospital in Destin where she was pronounced dead.

CNN report

FATAL – 22 June 2005 – Malekula Island, Vanuatu, South Pacific – swimmer attacked

Seven-year-old Alysha Margaret Webster, from New Zealand, was atatcked and killed while swimming off a beach on Malekula Island in the north of the Vanuatu island group in the South Pacific.

The attack took palce on Wednesday afternoon, 22 June.

Alysha was on a yachting holiday with her parents.

Media reports did not mention the type of shark believed to be responsibe for the attack.

Port Vila Presse, the island newspaper, reported that Malekula is well known for shark attacks and a number of local children have been killed over the years in similar circumstances.

Sydney Morning Herald report

INJURED – 14 June 2005, Kaeui Island, Korea – diver attacked

A 38-year-old woman diver suffered a serious leg injury after being attacked by what experts believe to be a three-metre Great White shark while diving off Kaeui Island off the west coast of Taean County, South Korea.

The woman, identified only by her family name Lee, was rushed to a local hospital.

Lee who had been diving with 11 divers for ear shell in about 10 metres of water was quoted in the local press as saying: “I felt a hit in the knee, but I did not see it.”

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The International Shark Attack File

The International Shark Attack File is a University of Florida Icthyology reasearch department which keeps a record of all shark attacks around the world. Data is only available to qualifying scientists. It cannot be released into the public domain as it contains post mortems and some pretty shocking images. Nonetheless ther is some info on the site and tehy have recently posted the “ISAF 2004 Worldwide Shark Attack Summary”.

“As in recent years, the majority (44%: 27 attacks) of incidents occurred in
North American waters. The 30 attacks in United States territorial waters
(including Hawaii) were significantly fewer than totals recorded in 2003 (41),
2002 (47), 2001 (50), and 2000 (50). Elsewhere, attacks occurred in Australia
(12), Brazil (5), South Africa (5), and Reunion Island (3), with single
incidents reported from the Bahamas, Cuba, Egypt, Fiji, New Zealand, and

The International Shark Attack File