SHOCKED — 24 June 2007 — Silva’s, Mokuleia, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii — surfer attacked

An unnamed surfer was attacked by a shark while surfing at Silva’s, Mokuleia, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii around 7am Sunday, 24 June 2007.

The surfer was uninjured in the attack, but the shark, presumed to be a 6 foot Tiger or Reef shark, to a bite out of his board.

A witness to the attack, George Rio, told media: “When he was paddling out, he felt something grab his board really hard and actually took him under the water. When it came up, it could have bit him, but he put the board towards the shark’s mouth instead of going for him, it went for the board,” said Rio. As for the victim’s reaction, Rio said, “he seemed like he was still in a daze… in shock like he cannot believe that a shark bit his board and could have bitten him.”

No other details were reported.


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