INJURED – 2 October 2011 – Anna Maria Island, Florida, United States – fisherman bitten

A brief press report says a fisherman, Javier Perez, was bitten on his left thigh by a shark while wading in waist-deep waters off Anna Maria Island, Gulf of Mexico, Florida, United States. The incident happened on Sunday 2 October 2011.

According to the report he had just dumped his bait bucket into the water when the shark bit him.

Perez was taken to a Bradenton hospital with a small wound and scratches on his leg.

No other details were reported.




INJURED – 24 September 2011 – Anna Maria Island, Gulf of Mexico, Florida, US – spearfisherman attacked

Charles Wickersham recovers in hospital from a shark bite.

Charles Wickersham was spearfishing with several friends in the Gulf of Mexico off Anna Maria Island on Saturday afternoon, 24 September 2011 , when a suffered a severe crescent-shaped bite wound about 15 inches long after bull shark bit him on the left thigh. His friends got him back to the boat and took him ashore where paramedics airlifted him to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg.

Rescue officials said he lost a lot of blood, but his injuries were not life-threatening.

Experts estimate the bull shark was about 6-feet long.

Wickersham’s mother was quoted as saying:

Nobody saw it coming. They said it was pretty horrific.

And they heard CJ [Wickersham] scream, and he said ‘I’ve been bit by a shark!

He came up to take a breath, he thought one of the guys punched him in the leg, he felt this really hard force in his left leg, he was looking to his right in the water, looking down to see if he could see any more fish, saw the shark, punched him in the nose and thank God, he let go and they pulled him in the boat.

One of Wickersham’s friends was quoted as saying:

He didn’t even see it, just bit him right in the thigh gave him about a 14-inch laceration. The shark came up took one bite, realized it wasn’t anything he wanted, let go and was gone. The water turned just blood red. Gave him just a ten-foot diameter, just like pure blood, it was bleeding pretty fast.


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INJURED – 21 June 2011 – Orange Beach, Alabama, US – Jet skier bitten

Tyler McConnell shark attack
A witness shows where Tyler McConnell was bitten by a shark

Tyler McConnell, 20, was bitten on the foot by a by what is believed to be a bull shark after he fell off his jet ski after he hit something while jet skiing off Orange Beach, Alabama, in the Gulf of Mexico, US. The incident happened about 500 metres offshore off the coast of Perdido Beach near the Alabama-Florida line.

Initial reports said he was bitten by a barracuda, but hospital officials confirmed it was a shark bite.

After the attack McConnell managed to swim back to the jet ski and get back to shore where he was treated on the beach before being airlifted to hospital.

A witness was reported as saying the shark tore all his tendons in his ankle – “you could see his Achilles, see the bone”.

McConnell’s sister, who also witnessed the attack, was quoted as saying:

“Basically, he hit something, whether it was a wave or the shark itself, it knocked him off, and it happened immediately.

“He was bleeding profusely. I rushed over to him, and my mom rushed over to him. He was swimming toward the Jet-ski with his arms and miraculously hopped back on while his foot was severed.

“The sight of blood was ridiculous, but he managed to drive himself back to the beach. The next thing I know, we’re on the beach and he’s lying down under an umbrella.

“An ex-military person was there and applied pressure to the major artery in his leg, and elevated his foot. We put a shirt around the wound. I put my swimsuit cover around it. That’s how we kept him from bleeding out.”

He was airlifted to Pensacola Hospital, where he underwent 3 hours of surgery. He was expected to make a full recovery.





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