INJURED – 23 May 2012 — Jacksonville Beach, Florida, US — surfer bitten

Chad Renfro in hospital with bandaged foot after his shark bite wound was stitched up

Chad Renfro, 22, was bitten on the foot by what is believed to be either a 4-5 foot Bull or Lemon shark while surfing off south Jacksonville Beach, Florida in the United States.

He said he was paddling to catch a wave when he felt something bite into his left foot.

“Immediately I knew what it was, so I just paddled back in as fast as I could — caught the next wave in.” He hobbled ashore with blood going everywhere, he told media.

“I was sitting there and people kept looking at me.”

“I was trying to get someone to help me, and then one girl had walked over and I told her to call 911, and then I saw the lifeguards drive by, and so I just hollered for them and they came over.”

Renfro had two or three cuts on one foot and his ankle. The bite severed a nerve, ripped a tendon and took part of his bone. It took 85 stitches to close the wounds.

Renfro said once he’s healed, he will not be not afraid to get back in the water, saying: “Who gets attacked by a shark twice?”

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INJURED – 23 July 2010 — Jacksonville Beach, North Florida, US – surfer attacked

Clayton Shultz, 20 was bitten on the left leg by what is thought to have been a tiger shark while he was surfing Jacksonville Beach, North Florida in the United States. He required more than 300 stitches to close the wound and repair torn tendons.

The incident happened on Friday, 23 July 2010.

Shultz said he didn’t get to see the size of the shark.

Another surfer helped get him to the shore where he was rushed to Shands Medical Center in Jacksonville.

He is quoted in various media as saying:

“I was hopping back on my board and the shark came up and grabbed my foot and shook his head a little bit, and I think he kind of realized that he was biting the wrong thing, so he let go.

“I had a good grip of my board, so I didn’t go down. It took me a second to process everything. I yelled out to another guy who was in the water, ‘Hey man, I just got bit by a shark.

“All I could really feel was teeth and tearing.

 “I popped right up and got on my board and lifted my foot out of the water. It was torn up real good.

Shultz underwent five and a half hours of surgery and received more than 300 stitches to close the wound and repair severed tendons in his foot.

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INJURED – 10 June 2010 – Jacksonville Beach, Florida, US – body boarder attacked

Hannah Foster, 18, was bitten on her left foot and leg while body boarding in waist deep water off Jacksonville Beach, Florida, US, on Wednesday 10 June 2010.

Her boyfriend pulled her to shore and summoned help after he heard her scream for help. He said he saw a four foot shark.

She received 29 stitches at Baptist Beaches Medical Center in Jacksonville and was discharged the following day.

The species of shark was not known. No other details were reported.

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