Shark bites wader on foot – 21 August 2017 – Bon Secour Wildlife Rescue, Alabama, US

Barbara Porter Parks wrote in to Shark Attack Watch’s Facebook page — — to say she’d been bitten on the left foot by a small shark while in shallow water at Bon Secour Wildlife Rescue near Gulf Shores, Alabama, US. She suffered minor lacerations to her left foot.

The incident happened about 5.15pm Monday, 21 August 2017.

Wader bitten by small shark at Bon Secour Wildlife Rescue near Gulf Shores, Alabama, US
Wader bitten by small shark at Bon Secour Wildlife Rescue near Gulf Shores, Alabama, US

She said: “I was ankle deep in the water looking at some fish. I turned to tell my husband to come get a pic of the fish and boom! I felt something clamp down on the bone below my big toe. I honestly thought I’d stepped on a crab. I told my husband something bit me and we saw the marks and bleeding. It was strange lol.

“We rinsed it with bottled water and headed home where I showered and washed it with soap and water. That was followed by cleaning with diluted hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin.

“Despite my friends’ plea for me to go to the ER, I did not and all is fine.”

Barbara said she asked a marine biologist she met at Shark Week what type of shark it could have been and was told it was probably a small shark that was scouring the bottom and mistook her foot for buried prey.

The species was not identified.


INJURED — 2 August 2010 — Mickler’s Landing, Florida, US — swimmer bitten

A  middle-aged woman (not identifued) was bitten on the arm by a 4-foot shark while swimming in chest-deep water off Mickler’s Landing, Northeast Florida in the United States on Monday 2 August 2010.

An eye-witness said she screamed “I just got attacked by a shark. Everybody get out of the water”.

She sustained minor lacerations to her arm was taken to Mayo Clinic for treatment.

No other details were reported.


The woman’s name is Kimberly Presser. She is 37.

In an Evening Sun report she was quoted as saying: she was in chest deep water about 11 a.m. when she saw the shark about five feet away. It charged her and she raised her left arm in the water to protect her body and the shark took a quick bite that stretched from her elbow to her forearm. She said she turned and saw blood coming from her arm.

“I started screaming, ‘Shark! Get out of the water!'”

According to the report a lifeguard helped clean and bandage the wound before rescue arrived and took her to the hospital, where Presser underwent surgery to clean and close the wound. She said the bite didn’t do any major damage and she expects a full recovery

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Evening Sun

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INJURED – 10 July 2010 – Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida, US – diver bitten

A very brief report by 7 says a diver (not named) bitten by a nurse shark he was trying to rescue from a net. The incident occurred on Sunday 10 July 2010 in the area of 2 E Commercial Blvd, Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida, US. He was treated on the scene for lacerations.

No other details were reported.

7 News

INJURED – 28 June 2010 – 8 Mile Road, Galveston Island, Texas, US – surfer attacked

Chad Rogers, 20, suffered lacerations to his foot after being bitten by a shark while surfing  “just past the second sandbar” off 8 Mile Road, Galveston Island, Florida, US. The incident happened on 28 June 2010.

Rogers kicked the shark with his other foot to make it release its grip. He then paddled over the shark and back to shore, hopped quarter mile to his car with the aid if a friend and was then taken to hospital where he had some 50 stitches to treat the wound.

“When I pulled my foot out, I was bleeding all over the place. I was kind of freaking out. I never thought I would get bitten by a shark,” he told media.

Rogers thought the shark was a 5-foot bull shark.


INJURED – 17 February 2010 – Yellow Sands Point, East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa – surfer attacked

shark_yellowsMichal du Plessis, 19, suffered multiple lacerations to his right leg above and below the knee after being bitten by a shark while surfing at Yellow Sands Point, just north of East London on South Africa’s east coast. The incident happened on Tuesday morning, 17 February 2010.

He told the Daily Dispatch:

“We had been in the water for about an hour-and-a-half and I was paddling into a wave when something hit me on the side and knocked me off my (surf) board.

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He said he fell off his board and went underwater where he turned to see what knocked him off and found himself face to face with a shark.

He shouted to his friends to get out of the water.

“Even before I saw it, I knew it was a shark. There was nothing else out there that could have hit me, and I knew we had to get out before it struck again.”

He said although he felt no pain he was worried he’d lost his leg. When he looked down he saw the wound and lots of blood in the water.

“My friends helped me across the rocks, tied a board leash on my leg to stop the bleeding and rushed me to the Crossways Pharmacy,” where he was stabilised and given an anti-shock injection.

From there he was taken to Life St Dominic’s Hospital in East London.

Not detail about which type of shark it was, was mentioned in the report.

Daily Dispatch

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