INJURED – 8 September 2012 – 22nd Street, South Beach, Miami, USA – swimmer bitten

Miami Beach

A swimmer (not identified) was bitten on the right knee while swimming in waters off 22nd Street, South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA.

He was treated at Florida’s Ryder Trauma Center.

A doctor at the centre said it was a “pretty significant bite. It went most of the circumference around his calf”.

No other details were reported.


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INJURED – 10 May 2011 – Miami, Florida, US – tourist fisherman attacked

Brian Storch shark attack
Brian Storch poses with the sandbar shark which bit him after this photo was taken.

Brian Storch was bitten on the arm has he posed for a photograph with a shark his girlfriend had caught from a charter boat. The location of the incident is not immediately clear, although it occurred about a half mile out to sea near Miami and Storch was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. The incident happened on 10 May 2011.

According to the report his girlfriend hooked an 8-foot long, 220-pound sandbar shark and hauled it onto the boat. When Storch posed with the shark for a photo taken by the skipper the shark reached up and grabbed his arm.

The skipper said: “I snapped the picture. Then, a second later, the shark just reached up and grabbed him by the arm, and then it was all over that quick.”

The crew applied a tight bandage to the wound. When they reached shore paramedics took him to hospital where he received several stitches and was discharged.

The bandaged wound

The skipper said: “It was just a freak thing. Once in a million.”

No other details were reported.

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