INJURED – 19 June 2012 – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA – swimmer bitten

Another shark bite at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Wow. Another shark bite at Myrtle Beach. This makes it 6 in the past couple of weeks. On Tuesday 19 June 2012 a 16-year-old boy (name not reported) was bitten on the foot by a small shark while in waist deep water off Myrtle Beach (near 6th Ave.), South Carolina, USA.

Very little is reported on this except that his friend is quoted as saying ‘he was in pain and he couldn’t put any pressure on his foot’.

He was reportedly taken to hospital.



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INJURED – 14 June 2012 – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA – 4 swimmers bitten

shark bite myrtle beach
The wound of one of the 4 shark bite victims at Myrtle Beach

On 14 June 2012 four swimmers reported being bitten by shark in separate incidents at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. The bites were reported over a 10-minute span between 72nd Avenue north and 82nd Avenue North. However, at the time of this blog it was still not confirmed if they were in fact shark bites. Photos of teh bites have been sent to experts at the Shark Attack File in Florida for confirmation. However, one of the victims 16-year-old Jordon Garofalo said his doctor was pretty sure it was a shark because of the bite marks.

A lifeguard on duty at the beach is quoted as saying: “Nobody saw them. Even the guys that got bit didn’t see it. They’re definitely shark bites. One guy’s foot was opened up. The other had a full mouth print around his leg.” He didn’t see the other injuries.

Three people were taken by Emergency Medical Services to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center and the fourth drove himself.

A shark expert Dan Abel told media it was not likely the same shark was responsible for the 4 bites and reckoned it was probably black tip sharks. He said a black tip shark could have a bite between three and six inches in diameter.


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INJURED – 2 June 2012 — Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States – body boarder bitten

Ryan Orellana-Maczynski’s shark bite wound. The photo was taken shortly after the incident off Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States,

Ryan Orellana-Maczynski, 25, was bitten on the left foot by a small shark while body boarding near 2nd Avenue Pier, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States.

The incident happened about 7.45pm on Saturday 2 June 2012.

“I was sitting on the waves so my feet were dangling and I felt something tug my foot. It was not forceful by any means, but I just felt something there,” he said.

He told media he fought the shark for about 30 seconds and jabbed it in the eyes which made it release its grip.

Some others on the beach helped him from the water. The bite severed an artery, according to Orellana-Maczynski, and the wound was bleeding a lot.

Orellana-Maczynski had surgery on his foot and was expected to make a full recovery.

It wasn’t reported where he was taken to hospital or what type of shark it was.

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INJURED – 19 July 2010 — Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, US – swimmer attacked

In a brief report on the SC Now website a 10-year-old-boy was recovering from what was presumed to be a shark bite according to experts who viewed images of the wound.

He was bitten by what is presumed to be a small black tip shark while swimming off 69th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach.

The incident happened on Monday morning 19 July 2010.

He was reportedly bitten on the leg and was expected to be OK.

No other details were reported.

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INJURED — Ponce de Leon Inlet, Volusia County, Florida, US – 17 July 2010 – surfer attacked

Jimmy Johnston, 55, was bitten on the foot by what is believed to be a small spinner shark that was chasing bait fish while he was sitting on his surfboard. He was surfing at Ponce de Leon Inlet’s jetty, Volusia County, Florida, US on Satuday 17 July 2010 when the incident happened.

He received minor lacerations to his foot and was treated at Bert Fish Medical Center.

No other details were reported.

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