Surfer bitten on the hand – 2 September 2017 — New Smyrna Beach, Florida, US

Surfer bitten on hand at New Smyrna Beach, Florida, United States

A 17-year-old was bitten on the right hand by a shark while he was surfing at New Smyrna Beach, Florida, United States on Saturday 2 September 2017. Volusia Country Beach Safety said the incident occurred around 11.45am. It is reported he was in waist deep water when he was bitten.

He was not seriously injured and his parents took him to a local hospital for treatment, according the report.

The shark was not sighted.

The bite was the seventh reported in Volusia County to date this year.

No other details were reported.



2 INJURED – 7 September 2013 – New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County, Florida, USA – swimmer and surfer bitten

New Smyrna Beach
New Smyrna Beach

Two people were nipped by a shark on the same day at New Smyrna Beach Volusia County, Florida, USA. The incident occurred on 7 September 2013.

A 25-year-old man was bitten on the shin around 4pm while swimming in waist deep water and a minute later a 43-year-old surfer was bitten on his foot.

The two victims had only minor injuries. They were treated by Ocean Rescue and then left on their own to seek medical treatment.

It is thought the same 3-foot shark bit both victims as the bites occurred less than 100 meters apart, according to the report.

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2 INJURED – 14 March 2012 — New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County, Florida, US – 2 surfers bitten

Shark bite victim Sydney Levy with a bandaged ankle
Shark bite victim Sydney Levy with a bandaged ankle

Two teenage surfers were bitten within 5 minutes of each other – (a beach official reckons they were different sharks), while surfing at New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County, Florida in the US. It’s the first attack of the year at New Smyrna Beach – notorious for several shark bites every year, although generally pretty minor ones.

Nick Romano, 17, suffered an 8-inch wound to his calf. He paddled back to shore and was taken to Bert Fish Medical Center in New Smyrna Beach. He had 17 stitches and was released.

He is quoted as saying:

“I saw the full thing right in front of me. The tail whipped right in front of me.

“Every surfer always thinks, ‘Oh one day I’m going to get bit by a shark.’ Today was my day.”

The other victim was 15-year-old Sydney Levy who was surfing with her mother. She was bitten on the ankle about 5 minutes after the attack on Romano. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Sydney’s mom who saw her get pulled under the water by the shark is quoted as saying:

“This was my worst nightmare.

“To me it was like a scene out of Jaws where the girl is getting sucked under.  I said, ‘there is no way this thing is going to kill my daughter.’ I grabbed her shoulders and I pulled her up and threw her on the nose of my board.”

She said the shark continued swimming around them as they called out for help to two nearby surfers who helped them to shore.

Both surfers said the shark was about 4 or 5 feet long. The species was not identified.


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INJURED – 15 September 2011 – New Smyrna Beach, Florida, US – surfer bitten

Daniel Jorgensen, 25, suffered a minor wound to his arm from a shark bite while surfing off New Smyrna Beach, Florida, US, at around 11am on Friday, 15 September 2011.

Brief media reports says Jorgensen had a three-inch deep cut to his arm and that he refused transport to the hospital.

A witness who was surfing 10 feet away from Jorgensen when the attack happened,  was quoted as saying:

“I saw the swirl, the shark swirled real hard, probably about five feet from me when I was duck diving (through a wave). I looked over and there was mullet jumping all over this guy and then the whole (expletive) shark came out of the water.

“It was a big shark. More than likely (a bull). I’ve never seen a black tip or anything get that big.”

Other surfers had reported a bull shark swimming on that sandbar in the past few days before the attack.


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INJURED – 23 April 2011 — New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County, Florida, US – surfer bitten

In what is quite a regular occurrence during summer, surfers at New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County, Florida, US are nipped by small sharks, leaving just minor injuries which in many cases can be attended to by lifeguards at the beach.

The first bite of the 2011 season took place on Friday 23 April. Ronald White, 49, was nipped on the right ankle around 3.30pm while in about 3-foot of water. Looking at the bite, shark experts reckon it was only 1- or 2-foot shark. White didn’t see the shark.

It was reported that he was treated for the minor injury on-scene and declined further treatment.

No further details were reported.


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