INJURED – 6 March 2012 — Arawhata Rd surf spot, Taranaki coast, New Zealand – surfer bitten

Shark attack Taranaki New Zealand
Peter Garret's leg wound

Peter Garrett (age not reported – though it says he is middle aged) was bitten on the left calf by a shark (unidentified) while surfing 100 metres offshore at the Arawhata Rd surf spot just north of Opunake on the Taranaki coast, New Zealand.

The incident happened around 7pm on Tuesday 6 March 2012. quotes another surfer in the water at the time as saying:

“I heard him shrieking, he was freaking out and thrashing around.  He kind of kicked it off him and went in on the next couple of waves and went straight for the rocks.”

“We came in when it started circling us. It nudged my mate Brucey and tried to get his fins. Then I was like, bugger this, I’m going in.”

“It kept coming back too, it didn’t just happen and then get scared off, it was pretty interested.”

Garret paddled to shore where other surfers used iodine and bandages to fix his wound. He didn’t seek medical treatment.

The other surfer said the wound was bleeding quite a bit but didn’t seem serious.


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INJURED – 16 April 2011 – Snapper Point, Wellington, New Zealand – surfer bumped

Then the shark nudged me off my board and leapt on top of it and was thrashing about.

Laine Hobson shark attack victim - surfing Snapper Point, NZ
Laine Hobson had a close encounter with a shark while surfing Snapper Point, New Zealand

Laine Hobson had a tussle with a bronze whaler shark while surfing at Snapper Point, Wellington, New Zealand on Saturday 16 April 2011. He’d been in the water for about two hours when the shark nudged him. The incident left him shaken and he escaped with only a small wound to his left hand.

He told media that he knew straight away what had nudged him in the right thigh as he waited in the waves. He said the shark hung around long enough for him to make out that it was a bronze whaler.

“It wasn’t like Jaws coming at me viciously. It came up and nudged me on the thigh while I was sitting on my board. It gave me a shock but I pushed it away with my hand then it cruised around in front of me and gave me another nudge on the other leg.

“I was then trying to keep the board between me and the shark – I was probably screaming by then – there was another guy close to me. Then the shark nudged me off my board and leapt on top of it and was thrashing about.”

He said he wasn’t sure how his hand got injured, but he was left with a deep puncture wound in it, which bled profusely in the water.

As fate would have it – it was his first time back surfing in a year after breaking his leg badly while playing soccer with students.

“I don’t know if the shark followed me in. I was concentrating on the shore and going as fast as I could, while trying to keep my toes out of the water.”


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INJURED — 1 February 2010 — Oreti Beach, Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand — boogieboarder attacked

Lydia Ward, 14, was bitten on the waist by what is believed to be a 1.5 metre broad-nosed sevengill shark while boogie boarding at Oreti beach near Invercargill on New Zealand’s South Island. The incident occured in the evening of 1 February 2010.

She struck the shark with her boogie board after it had bitten through her wetsuit and sunk its teeth into her hip.

Lydia was chest deep in water, waiting to catch a last good wave alongside 10-year-old brother  when she stepped on something slippery on the sea floor.

“At first I wasn’t quite sure what it was. And I was trying to say to myself it was just a piece of driftwood,” she said.

“Then I stood on it again, and I just looked at my brother’s face and he said ‘whoa’. And I looked to my side and I just saw this massive grey thing twisting in the water.”

The shark lunged at her and bit her. Lydia thinks the adrenalin flowing through her body might have prevented her from feeling anything.

“So I hit it with the end of my boogie board and that scared it away.”

She could see blood in the water “but I couldn’t run … so it was quite nerve-racking.

“I only realised it bit me when I hopped out of the water and saw the bite marks through my wetsuit.”

Her injuries were not serious.

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