Man dies from shark bite while night swimming – 4 November 2017 – Guardalavaca, Cuba

Guardalavaca beach, Cuba - fatal shark attack
Guardalavaca beach, Cuba

A 22-year-old man (unidentified) died of his wounds after a shark bit his left leg while he was having a night swim with 5 friends just three metres off Guardalavaca beach in Cuba.

The incident occurred around 11pm on Saturday 4 November 2017.

According to reports he repeatedly called out to his friends: “Get me, a shark is biting me!.”

The shark bit into the man’s left thigh severing the femoral artery.

Some reports say his friends hit the shark with a bottle and managed to wrestle the man out of the shark’s jaws.

The group helped get the victim to shore where others helped carry him to the nearby International Health and Tourism Clinic of Guardalavaca.

However, the man died within minutes before he could be taken to a hospital.

Dr Enrique Remedios Contis, who received the patient at the clinic, was quoted in local media as saying the shark attack victim “had a wide and deep bite from a marine animal on his left thigh that must have affected the femoral artery”.

The species of shark was not identified, but it is suspected it could have been a bull shark, which are common in Cuban waters.

According to SharkAttackData – the last fatal shark attack in Cuba was in 1957. The last non-fatal shark attack in Cuba was in 2009.



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Woman suffers serious wounds to arm in shark attack – 23 October 2017 – Ocean Reef Park, Singer Island, Florida

Ocean Reef Park, Singer Island where Susan Peteka was attacked by a shark
Ocean Reef Park, Singer Island
Susan Peteka shows her bandaged arm following treatment of her shark attack wounds
Susan Peteka shows her bandaged arm following treatment of her shark attack wounds

Susan Peteka, 60, suffered serious wounds to her left arm hand when she was bitten by a shark while taking her regular morning swim off Ocean Reef Park on Singer Island, Palm Beach County, Florida.


The shark species was not recorded.

“I was swimming my last couple of strokes, about to get out. And all of a sudden, I remember lifting my arm and the next thing you know, wham!,” she said.

“I just looked down, I saw two fingers droop immediately. I started seeing blood coming out of my radial artery.”

“I just said ‘Swim for your life! Swim for your life! Swim for your life!’ And I just did that,” she said. “I kicked myself in, just kicking.”

Peteka’s was the first of two shark attacks on 23 October 2017 off Palm Beach County, Florida. The second shark attack was on teenage surfer Jason Hartl.

“I knew I had to get to shore quick or I would have been dead,” she told the press. “You have superhuman strength that you don’t know you had until something like that happens to you. It’s a primal thing. You just do it.”

Peteka managed to get to shore where she bled profusely and became light-headed.

“I just started screaming, ‘Help me, I’m going to die,'” Peteka said.

A nearby resident heard her cries, called 911 and wrapped a towel above the wound.

She was transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center.

An orthopedic hand surgeon at the hospital, Dr. Thomas Saylor, said her hand was “shredded”, adding that it appeared the shark shook her wrist from side to side.

“Her bite wounds are pretty traumatic,” Saylor said. “It’s a devastating injury.”

Her injuries to her left hand and wrist included 20 torn tendons and

ligaments, a severed artery, two fractured bones and nerve damage.

Doctors found a piece of shark tooth wedged in her wrist bone.

“It’s going to keep me out of the water,” Peteka said. “I love swimming with a passion. But now, I can’t look at it. I can’t think about it. I don’t know that I can ever go back again.”






FATAL – 11 October 2013 – The Point, Jeffrey’s Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa – swimmer attacked

Burgert van der Westhuizen, 74, was killed by a shark while swimming off The Point at Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa.
Burgert van der Westhuizen, 74, was killed by a shark while swimming off The Point at Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa.

Burgert van der Westhuizen, 74, was killed by a shark while swimming off The Point – the lower section of the long world famous surfing point – at Jeffrey’s Bay in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. He was as an experienced open-water swimmer who regularly swam along the coastline of Jeffrey’s Bay, according to press reports.

An eyewitness who paddled out in his 5-metre ski to try to retrieve the body said the shark was longer than his ski and kept returning to take bites from the remaining torso. His legs had been severed. He was unable to retrieve the body as the shark eventually took the remains and dived with it.

The sea rescue service said they later found the remains of the body.

The eyewitness said he had just paddled past him when he saw “the shark come and hit him out the water. Right out the water.”

However, this is not clear as further into his account he says someone on the beach told him there had been a shark attack, when he says he paddled out to where the body was and the shark was circling it and taking bites. He then wanted to try lift the torso onto his ski, but the shark grabbed it and dived, which is when he saw the size of the shark. “It was at least five meters. My ski is 5 meters and it was longer than my ski. I thought ‘no this is not good’ and paddled in.”

You can see a video of his witness account here (interspersed with Afrikaans language news commentary).

It was not reported what type of shark it was.



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2 INJURED – 7 September 2013 – New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County, Florida, USA – swimmer and surfer bitten

New Smyrna Beach
New Smyrna Beach

Two people were nipped by a shark on the same day at New Smyrna Beach Volusia County, Florida, USA. The incident occurred on 7 September 2013.

A 25-year-old man was bitten on the shin around 4pm while swimming in waist deep water and a minute later a 43-year-old surfer was bitten on his foot.

The two victims had only minor injuries. They were treated by Ocean Rescue and then left on their own to seek medical treatment.

It is thought the same 3-foot shark bit both victims as the bites occurred less than 100 meters apart, according to the report.

Orlando Sentinel

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INJURED — 27 October 2012 – Makena Landing Beach Park, Maui, Hawaii — swimmer bitten

A shark attacked a 51-year-old woman from California about 20 metres off Makena Landing Beach Park, Maui, Hawaii. The incident happened on Saturday 27 October 2012. The woman was not named in press reports.

According to a report in Maui News the shark was estimated to be between 10 and 12 feet long, but the species was unknown.

The woman suffered non life-threatening injuries, including puncture wounds to her right inner thigh and lacerations to the front and back of her right hand from pushing the shark away.

The newspaper reported she was transported to Maui Memorial Medical Center in stable condition.

Maui News