INJURED — 27 August 2011 — Slavyanka Bay, Primorsky Territory, Russian far east – wader attacked

From a rather sketchy report from ITAR-TASS news agency it appears a third person has been attacked by a shark in the same territory in the Russian far east in the space of 10 days. According to the report, Pavel Nechayev, 26, was bitten on the shoulder (the same report also quotes a source as saying he received bites on the forearm) by a shark while wading in knee deep water and picking up star fishes.

The brief report says the shark jumped out of the water and bit him on the shoulder.

However, Itar-Tass quotes a source at the Khasan district hospital:

“He received few forearm bites. His life is out of danger. He was prescribed with outpatient treatment and was permitted to go home.”

The incident happened on Saturday morning 27 August 2011 in Slavyanka Bay in the Khasan district, Primorsky Territory, Russian far east

No other details were reported.

The attack follows two attacks on 17 and 18 of August in the same region, reported on SharkAttackMonitor.


INJURED – 17 August 2011 – Kure Beach, North Carolina, US – wader attacked

Trang Aronian, 28 suffered lacerations to her foot and toes after being bitten by a shark while wading in shallow water off Kure Beach, North Carolina, United States. The incident happened around 5pm on Wednesday 17 August 2011. The attack occurred in the vicinity of the H Avenue beach access.

Her husband, who was with her in the water, reckons it was a 4-6 foot tiger sand shark.

He told media that after she shouted that she had been bitten he yanked her back and the shark released her foot.

“As we were running ashore, the shark kept chasing us … It didn’t stop until we were about 5 feet from the shoreline,” he is quoted as saying.

“It’s her whole foot. It ripped the skin right off,” he said.

Some reports say they were 15 metres from shore in very shallow water when the attack took place.

Aronian received 60 stitches to close wounds on the top and bottom of her foot.


Star News Online

INJURED – 25 July 2010 — Isle of Palms , South Carolina, US – wader bitten

Alex Stamm, 16, was bitten on the leg by 4-foot shark while in waist-deep water off the Isle of Palms in South Carolina, United States. Reports say his injuries were minor although he did receive 40 stitches. The incident happened on Sunday 25 July 2010. No other details were reported.

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INJURED – reported 26 December 2009 – Avoca Beach, New South Wales, Australia – wader attacked

A brief report by ABC News says a man (not named) was bitten on the back of the foot by a small shark after he stepped on it in shallow waters and it latched on to him. He kicked it off with his other foot.

The incident occurred at Avoca Beach, New South Wales central coast, Australia. The date of the incident was not reported in the 26 December 2009 report.

He was treated for minor injuries at Gosford Hospital.

No other details were reported.


ABC News